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2024.1.26Exhibit at the Smart Factory Japan 2024 (February 2024) Exhibition
フィルスター インダストリア 超音波スピンドル コスト削減

We are pleased to announce that we will exhibit at "Smart Factory Japan 2024" (February 20-22, 2024).
This time, we will exhibit FILSTAR, a high-precision filter, and eCELL, a coolant spoilage prevention device,
We will introduce our efforts to promote the advancement and efficiency of factories and manufacturing sites.

【Products to be exhibited】
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■Exhibition : Smart Factory Japan 2024
■Date : February 20 (Tue.) - 22 (Thu.), 2024 10:00~17:00
■Venue: Tokyo Big Sight [West Halls 1 & 2]
■Booth: Booth No. F-76
       Booth name : industria
■Exhibit : FILSTAR elementless filter, eCELL water-soluble coolant corruption prevention device
■Admission Fee : ¥1,000 (Free admission for registered visitors and those with invitations)

There are two ways to enter the exhibition for free.
[1] Register for admission on the website in advance, download the admission card data from "My Page," and print it out in A4 size in color.
Click 【here】 to access the admission registration page.

[2]We will send you an invitation card,
You can register for admission, download the admission card, and print it out in A4 color at the entrance of the venue.

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