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2024.1.242nd Client Review / Plastics Industry / HAGIHARA INDUSTRIES INC.
フィルスター インダストリア 超音波スピンドル コスト削減

We have interviewed some of our customers who have installed our products.
In this second installment, we report on HAGIHARA INDUSTRIES INC., a leading manufacturer of blue sheets.

This time we interviewed Mr. Yoshihiro Sasahara, Special Appointive Officer and General Manager of the Environmental Business Promotion Office.
HAGIHARA INDUSTRIES INC. is working to promote the SDGs in the plastics industry as a whole by making its expertise in blue sheet recycling projects available to the public.

This is a fascinating initiative to solve environmental problems in the plastics industry.
Please take a look.

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A manufacturer and distributor of plastic products and related machinery based on the core technology of flat yarn. It is the leading manufacturer of blue sheets in Japan. In 2020, launched Japan's first "Used Blue Sheet Recycling Project: ReVALUE+", The company is actively working to promote SDG's in the plastics industry as a whole and to solve environmental problems caused by waste plastic. (Flat yarn: a flat yarn made by cutting plastic film into strips and stretching it to give it strength)
Business Description: Manufacturing and sales of related products using synthetic resin fibers and industrial machinery applying related technologies.

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