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2024.1.241st Client Review / Coating Industry / KUBOI Coating Works Co.,Ltd.
フィルスター インダストリア 超音波スピンドル コスト削減


We are pleased to announce that we have started posting "client reviews".

You can see what other companies are saying about industria. Co. Ltd.

For the first interview, Mr. Kuboi, a president of KUBOI Coating Works Co.,Ltd., appears.

He is planing to build a "dream plant," promoting eco-friendliness.  

He also shared interesting topics including how the coating industry can approach environmental issues and what his company is doing for the nature conservation.

Also,this interview may help you think about circular economy!

■KUBOI Coating Works Co.,Ltd.
KUBOI Coating Works Co.,Ltd. is an industrial coating specialist that handles a wide range of products, from automobiles to aerospace-related products.
With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, the company is actively engaged in the research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge coating and eco-technologies.
Business activities: Painting of automotive interiors and exteriors, home appliances, architectural hardware, and aerospace-related products

The effect of our filters
【Before】          【After】
Tank cleaning 5 hours/week → ◎1 hour/week (labor cost reduced by ¥960,000 /year)
Liquid re-cleaning 1 time/year → ◎1 time/2 years (reduced wastewater cost by ¥120,000 /year)
                    ◎Reduced strange odors

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