Air FILSTAR:Elementless Dust Collector 

industria インダストリア Air FILSTAR(YSF) removes particlulates from air and makes it clear. YSF

Air FILSTAR, a new filterless dust collector, is now on market!
The filterless system mimimizes your maintenance and running cost, and requires only 1/3 space of the conventional bag system to install.
Air FILSTAR provides the maximum efficiency of 99.9% at the particle size of 1 μm.


Air FILSTAR has the following advantages compared to the conventional dry bag filters:
(1) Collection efficiency of 99.9% at the particle size of 10μm or larger
Air FILSTAR is deriveved from FILSTER, a filterless liuid cleaner, of which technplogy has been widely accepted in the industries.
 Air FILSTAR captures 99.9wt.% of suspended particles of 10 μm or larger in size.
(2)Highly compact
 Installation space can be reduced to 30% - 50% of those for conventuonal filters.
(3) Easy maintenance
Air FILSTAR does not require replacing filter elements, does not have flow-rate lowering and/or pressure-drop problems caused by filter clogging.
 No used filter element is generated.

<Specifications and Performances>
Model YSF-15
(15 m3/min. in capacity)
(50 m3/min. in capacity)
Approximate weight
Power source: 200V, 3.7kW
Power source: 200V, 7.5KW
Max. noise (at a distanse of 1m)
about 78dB(A)
※The noise can be reduced by soundproofs
about 85dB(A)
※The noise level can be less than 80dB(A) by soundproofs
Collection Efficiency
Particulate sample:Sand of mold for aluminum die-cast molding
Air FILSTAR captures 99.9wt.% of particles at 10 μm in size.
(Air FILSTAR has achieved the maximum efficiency of 99.9% with particles of 1μm in size.)
Antiwear coatings such as rubber are available in accordance with the circumstances in use.
Collected particulates are discharged by pneumatically controlled double dumper with a timer. They can be accumulated in the backet on the optional cart for easy recovery and dumping.

[Application fields]
・Cast metal finishing ・To save lobor on maintenance
・Sand recovery of mold casting ・To save running cost
・Grinding ・To meet ISO14001 standards
・Powder processing,etc., ・To improve working environment

<Principle of Air FILSTAR>

Elementless Dust Collector air FILSTAR
    FILSTAR for Liquids
FILSTAR mechanism
Application of FISTAR Technology

Air FILSTAR separates particulates from a gas in the following steps:
a Particulate containing exhaust gas is supplied through the inlet nozzle.
b The centrifugal force is created in the super-centrifugal block and drives the particulates toward the wall of (b) and the they are forced downward into the precipitation block(c).
Cleaned gas flows back to (e) through the center of the device.
c The particulates are driven downward (d) in the precipitation block to prevent them from mixing into the cleaned gas and keep high particulate collecting ratio.
d The separated particulates are discharged from (d).
e The particulate-free cleaned gas is delivered out of the unit through the blower.

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