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FILSTAR FILSTAR Elementless filter(no-element filtration technology)  FILSTAR 
Super-centrifugal technology makes it possible.
 ・Industrial waste Free
 ・Running cost Free
 ・Maintenance Free

Air FILSTAR Filterless Dust Collector  AIR FILSTAR
Air FILSTAR has advantages to the conventional dry bag filters :
 ・Collection efficiency of 99.9% at the particle size of 10μm or larger
 ・Compact in size (Space 1/3)
 ・Maintenance free
 ・Running cost Free

バルブ Valve industria valve series
Highly efficient and wide spectrum of valves
Full bore ball valve
High quality valves for various applications

超音波スピンドル Ultrasonic spindle Ultrasonic processing of a deeper and more precise machining.
 ・1/3 as compact as the conventional tools
 ・Twice as higher as the conventional tools in the rotational speed
 ・High precision and detailed machining
Ultrasonic Spindle can be applied to new processing technologies.

委託加工 Order production Ultra-fine processing technology
High welding technique
Combining the latest technology and eternal craftsmanship creates
solutions for Japanese craftsmanship.

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