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For detailed FILSTAR related inquiries, please use the FILSTAR detailed form.
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0. Planned introduction timing
Clarification: Please enter the time of introduction.

1. Application
Description: Please describe the equipment and application you are considering introducing.

2. Diameter of piping in use
Clarification: Please fill in the current pipe diameter.

3. Flow rate in use
Clarification: Body type is determined by flow rate.

4. Voltage in use
Clarification: Because there is pressure loss, please describe the pump pressure and working pressure, which indicate the pressure drop.

5. Name of fluid in use (liquid) /viscosity
Clarification: Separating might not be perfect when the fluid viscosity is higher than
that of kerosene..

6. Name of recovered matter /specific gravity
Clarification: When the specific gravity is less than 1.5 (vinyl chloride polymer waste),
it may be difficult to recover the separated matter.

7. Desired separation accuracy Separation accuracy
Clarification: Separation accuracy is decided according to the work situation of 3. through
6.. As a guide, recovery of 95% with solid particle size of 10 μm, 50%
recovery with particle size of 5 μm.

8. Drain type
Clarification:: Please select drain valve manual or automatic.

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